Interiors modern style Limited was established in 1998 with a view to making the finest handmade furniture and providing the highest level of service whilst delivering value for money.

  • 15 years’ experience in interior design.
  • Design of all MDF products and in the construction of most modern, high quality cabinets.
  • Experience starting and running my own business involving marketing, customer care. Set up a small production line with 5 employees.
  • Trained employees in cabinet making
  • Member of Iranian National Archery Team for 5 years


In 1996 I was a Managing Director of SANA, a medical engineering company in Tehran. I was involved in the design and construction of equipment for medical gases and the design and construction of medical laboratory platforms. I also completed a course in Introduction to machine tools. Milling and turning machines.

In 1998, I began producing MDF cabinets and other MDF products including wardrobes, office furniture and partitions, and designs for children’s rooms. I was also engaged in the design and construction of the interiors and shops, barbers and offices together with bathroom design and home decorating.


University degree in industrial drawing.

College courses in turning, milling and industrial electrics.

Professional Interior Design at ‘The British College of Interior Design’


I regularly work out and I a member of a sports club and I swim, cycle and practising archery. I have been coaching the Southampton University Archery Team.